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At Coolestone we have a wide range of stone paving, cobbles and kerbs to meet the increasing demand for quality exterior hard landscaping.  Natural stone paving can enhance any outdoor area such a pathways, patios, courtyards and garden focal areas.  Producing the perfect components for any garden paving needs, it is clear to see that Coolestone are one of the most established and professional experts and we are more than happy to tailor a particular order to suit your demands.  We also offer a wide range of high quality steps, pier caps and wall copings.  From a step with a bull nosed edge to an apex pier cap, we have a large selection of styles available to choose from and with materials that vary from granite, sandstone and limestone, we offer the perfect components to compliment your garden design.

Donegal Sandstone Pier Cap
Silver Granite Wall Coping
Black Limestone Wall Coping
Rock Faced Sandstone Wall Coping
Blue Granite Wall Copings
Tumbled Tandur Grey Cobbles
Tinted Mint Cobbles
Teak Wood Paving
Silver Granite Paving 1000×1000
Silver Granite Step Landing
Silver Granite Cobbles Flamed
Raveena Paving
Raj Blend Paving
Raj Blend Circle
Nero Santiago Granite Paving
Mandana Red Paving
Kota Blue Paving
Kandla Ochre Sandblasted Paving
Kandla Ochre Cobbles
Gold Granite Steps
Gold Granite Paving Bush Hammered
Gold Granite Cobbles Split Finish
Gold Granite Cobbles Flamed
Garda Gold Paving
Blue Granite Cobbles Flamed
Donegal Sandstone Cobble
Donegal Sandstone Tumbled Cobble
Charcoal Sandstone
Blue Granite Paving 1000 X 1000
Black Limestone Tumbled Cobbles
Black Granite Paving
Antique Limestone Paving
Tumbled Tinted Mint Paving With Gold Granite Cobble Border
Olde English Slate Cobbles And Paving
Yellow Limestone Paving
Raj Green Paving
Tumbled Black Limestone Cobbles
Tumbled Grey Limestone Cobbles
Olde English Slate Paving
Tipperary Brown Tumbled Cobbles
Sandstone Cobbles
Olde English Slate Cobbles
Blue Granite Wall Coping
Kilkenny Limestone Tumbled Cobbles
Kandla Grey Cobbles
Kandla Grey Paving
Grey Limestone Paving
Silver Granite Cobbles
Silver Granite Paving
Donegal Sandstone Cobbles
Silver Granite Kerbs
Gold Granite Kerbs
Blue Granite Kerbs
Blue Granite Cobbles
Blue Granite Paving
Blue Centre Sandstone Cobbles
Black Limestone Paving
Black Limestone Cobbles
Antique Limestone Paving
Antique Brown Paving
Tinted Mint Paving
Donegal Sandstone Steps
Grey Granite Steps
Olde English Cobbles
Steps Formed From Tinted Mint Paving
Grey Granite Paving And Kerbs
Tinted Mint Paving
Tinted Mint Paving With Black Limestone Cobble Border
70mm Black Limestone Steps
70mm Black Limestone Steps
Indian Limestone Paving
Tinted Mint Paving
Kandla Grey Paving With Grey Granite Cobble Border
Black Limestone Paving
Tinted Mint Paving
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