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Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of grains of sand compressed together.  Sandstone is resistant to weathering and durable, yet easy to work with.  This makes sandstone a common building material.  Sandstone can vary enormously in colour, texture and composition depending on the source material and the environment of deposition.  Like sand, sandstone may be any colour but the most common colours are tan, brown, yellow, red, grey, pink and white.  Certain colours of sandstone have been strongly identified with certain regions.  Sandstone is most famous for its characteristic and can contain some of the materials found in granite.  Sandstone continues to be a firm favourite with Coolestone customers throughout Ireland.  An extensive range of sandstone colour options can be viewed at our show yard.

Donegal Sandstone With Small % Of Omagh Sandstone And Donegal Sandstone Surrounds On All Openings
Tumbled Donegal Sandstone With Small % Of Tipperary Brown Stone
50% Portlaoise & 50% Liscannor Mix
90% Tipperary Brown & 10% Tipperary Blue Sandstone
Reclaimed Leitrim Sandstone
Portlaoise Sandstone With 5% Armagh Pink And Grey Limestone
90% Donegal & 10% Omagh Sandstone With Sandstone Window & Door Surrounds
Tipperary Brown Sandstone Summer House
Donegal Sandstone
Sandstone Cottage
White Limestone & 5% Blue Centre Sandstone With Curved Limestone Cills
Tumbled Donegal Sandstone
Tipperary Brown & Tipperary Blue Stone
Donegal Sandstone With Plinth Detail
Tipperary Brown & Tipperary Blue Mix
Bespoke Family Crest Carved Into Donegal Sandstone
Tipperary Brown With Reconstituted Window And Door Surrounds
45% Donegal, 45% Omagh And 10% Blue Centred Sandstone
Donegal Sandstone
Mix Of 50% Liscannor & 50% Portlaoise
Donegal, Omagh And Blue Centre Sandstone
Donegal Sandstone With 10% Leitrim Sandstone
Multi Coloured Leitrim Sandstone
Mix Of 60% Donegal, 30% Omagh And 10% Blue Centred Sandstone
Portlaoise Sandstone
Tipperary Sandstone
Donegal & Omagh Sandstone Mix
Sandstone House
75% Portlaoise Stone & 25% Liscannor Stone With V Pointing
90% Portlaoise Stone & 10% Liscannor Stone
Liscannor Stone
Donegal Sandstone 60%, Omagh Sandstone 20%, Blue Centre Sandstone 10% & Green Sandstone 10%
Blue Centred Sandstone
Clonmel Blue Sandstone
House Built With 70% Omagh Sandstone, 20% Donegal Sandstone & 10% Blue Centre Sandstone
Donegal Sandstone With Brush Hammered Surrounds
Dry Built Liscannor Stone
Portlaoise Sandstone With Armagh Pink & Grey Limestone Finished With Grey Granite Window Cills
Donegal, Omagh And Blue Centred Sandstone
Carland Sandstone
Blue Centre Sandstone Mixed With Omagh Blue Stone
Donegal Sandstone With Blue Centred Sandstone. Personalised Name Plaque
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