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All our fireplaces are designed on site to the customers specification.  We also supply fireplace hearths and stone mantles.  Have a look through our catalogue of fireplaces for some inspiration for your fireplace.

Blue Granite Hearth With Donegal Slate Insert
Tipperary Sandstone Cooleclad & Kilkenny Limestone Mantle & Corbels
Tinted Mint Sandstone Hearth 60mm
Kandla Grey Sandstone Hearth 60mm
Black Limestone Hearth 60mm
Black Limestone 60mm Hearth With 22mm Thick Black Limestone Risers
Fireplace Built In Donegal Sandstone
Donegal Sandstone Fireplace
Mix Of Tipperary Brown, Blue & 10% Red Sandstone
Donegal Sandstone With Stepped Black Limestone Hearth
Reclaimed Leitrim Sandstone With Wooden Mantle And Rock Faced Sandstone Corbels . Raised Black Limestone Hearth
External Fireplace On Summer House Built From Tipperary Brown Stone. Free Standing Arch And Flat Arch And Fire Brick Insert. Log Holder Built In
Tipperary Brown Corner Fireplace With Split Level Black Limestone Hearth
Donegal Quartzite With V Shaped Corbels Built From Stone
Double Sided Fireplace In Donegal, Omagh And Blue Centred Sandstone With Rock Faced Sandstone Mantle And Corbels. Split Level Rock Faced Black Limestone Hearth
Donegal Quartz With Split Level Black Limestone Hearth And Limestone Mantle And Corbels
Scrabbo Sandstone With Split Level Black Limestone Hearth And Rock Faced Limestone Mantle
Mix Of Tipperary Brown And Blue Sandstone With Wooden Mantle
Donegal Quartzite With Liscannor Shelves And Mantle
Multi Coloured Basalt Fireplace With Rock Faced Limestone Hearth
Portlaoise Sanstone Fireplace With Rock Faced Black Limestone Split Level Hearth
Free Standing Arch On Fireplace
Double Sided Fireplace Built With Donegal, Omagh And Blue Centred Sandstone With Black Limestone Raised Seating Area
Donegal Slate With Split Level Black Limestone Hearth And Free Standing Arch
Internal Feature Wall Built From 50% Brown And 50% Blue Donegal Slate
Green Portlaoise Stone. Coned Corbel Detail. Rock Faced Limestone Mantle And Hearth With 3 Piece Self Supporting Flat Arch
Grey Quartzite Interior Archway
Donegal Quartzite With Kilkenny Limestone Mantle And Corbels. Rock Faced Limestone Split Level Hearth
Reclaimed Sandstone With 3 Piece Self Supporting Flat Arch
Rock Faced Sandstone Mantle
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T: 028 8774 6274    M: 07802 289 798
26 Coole Road, Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland BT71 5DP

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