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Granite is typical for its varied colouring and its flamed structure which makes every individual stone unique.  Granite is strong, hard and robust with excellent weathering qualities.

Blue Granite Hearth With Donegal Slate Insert
Blue Granite Hearth With Donegal Slate Insert
Blue Donegal Slate Cooleclad
Charcoal Sandstone Paving
Blue Granite Paving Used To Clad Wall With Blue Granite 60mm Wall Copings
Tumbled Tipperary Sandstone
Tipperary Brown Sandstone
Tipperary Sandstone Cooleclad & Kilkenny Limestone Mantle & Corbels
Tumbled White Limestone Cooleclad & Blue Granite Steps
Liscannor And Portlaoise Coole-Clad 30mm Stick On Stone & Corners
Steps Formed Using Silver Granite Flamed Kerbs With Silver Granite Paving Treads
Silver Granite Steps With Bullnosed Edge
Biscuit Grey Porcelain Paving
Grey Limestone Paving With Tumbled Black Limestone Border
Pillars Formed With Tipperary Sandstone And Topped With Triple Layered Tinted Mint Pier Caps
Biscuit Grey Porcelain 600x600 With Flamed Blue Granite Cobble Border
Grey Quartzite Porcelain 1200x600 With Silver Granite Cobble Border And Silver Granite Bullnosed Steps
30mm CooleClad Donegal Sandstone
Portlaoise Sandstone With 10% Liscannor Sandstone
McCanns Limestone
Blue Granite Paving, Steps Formed Using Bullnosed Silver Granite Treads And Risers, Borders Formed Using Silver Granite Cobbles
Circle Formed Using Nero Santiago 900x600 Paving
Blue Granite Paving
Steps Formed Using Bullnosed Silver Granite
Tumbled Tinted Mint Paving
Blue Granite Paving, Steps Formed Using Bullnosed Silver Granite Treads And Risers, Borders Formed Using Silver Granite Cobbles
150x150 Sandstone Cobbles At Front Door
Tumbled Tinted Mint Paving
Tumbled Donegal Sandstone With Small % Of Tipperary Brown Stone
Blue Granite Pier Cap Dry
Blue Granite Pier Cap Wet
Tinted Mint Paving With Silver Granite Cobble Border
Tinted Mint Paving With Silver Granite Cobble Border
Triple Layered Silver Granite Pier Cap
Silver Granite Rock Faced Kerb
Blue Granite Flamed Kerbs
Blue Granite Kerb Rock Faced
Silver Granite Kerb Flamed 150x60
Mint Cream Porcelain Paving
Limestone Pier Cap Sanded
Grey Quartzite Porcelain
Blue Granite Flamed Cobbles
Black Limestone Kerbs
Tinted Mint Sandstone Hearth 60mm
Kandla Grey Sandstone Hearth 60mm
Black Limestone Hearth 60mm
Olde English Slate Paving
Risers Formed Using Black Limestone Kerbs
Black Limestone 60mm Hearth With 22mm Thick Black Limestone Risers
Silver Granite Pier Cap
Silver Granite Sphere
Blue Granite Steps Wet
Blue Granite Step Dry
Gold Granite Cobbles
Rock Faced Limestone Double Layered Pier Cap
Steps Formed Using Kandla Grey Paving
Blue Granite Step
Donegal Sandstone Wall Copings With Planter
Curved Donegal Sandstone Smooth Wall Copings
Cappuccino Beige
Biscuit Grey
Cardoso Grigio Chiaro
Reverso Beige
Pietra Sabbiosa Avorio
Ardosia Multi
Mint Fossil Porcelain
Gold Granite Cobbles Double Row And Gold Granite Kerbs Teamed With Tandur Grey Limestone With Tumbled Black Limestone Border
50% Portlaoise And 50% Liscannor Stone Mix
Donegal Slate Stone
Blue Granite Bullnosed Step
White Limestone With Limestone Wall Copings And Pier Caps
Reclaimed Leitrim Sandstone, Gothic Window & Door Arches
Portlaoise Sandstone With 5% Armagh Pink And Grey Limestone.
Mix Of 90% Donegal And 10% Omagh Sandstone
Summer House With Outdoor Kitchen, BBQ And Seating Area
Donegal Sandstone
70% Donegal Sandstone, 20& Omagh Sandstone & 10% Blue Centre Sandstone
White Limestone With 5% Blue Centre Sandstone
Tumbled Donegal Sandstone With Small Percentage Or Tipperary Brown Stone
Tipperary Brown Sandstone & Tipperary Blue Sandstone Mix
Donegal Sandstone
50% Tipperary Brown & 50% Tipperary Blue. Free Standing Door Arch. Bullnosed Granite Steps And Risers
Donegal Sandstone Pier Cap
Silver Granite Wall Coping
Blue Granite Wall Coping Wet
Tumbled Tandur Grey Cobbles
Tinted Mint Cobbles
Teak Wood Paving
Silver Granite Paving 1000x1000
Silver Granite Step Landing
Silver Granite Cobbles Flamed
Raveena Paving Wet
Raj Blend Paving
Raj Blend Circle
Nero Santiago
Mandana Red Paving
Kota Blue
Kandla Ochre Sandblasted Paving
Kandla Ochre Cobbles
Gold Granite Step
Gold Granite Paving Bush Hammered
Gold Granite Cobbles Split
Gold Granite Cobbles Flamed
Garda Gold Wet
Flamed Blue Granite Cobbles
Donegal Sandstone Cobble
Donegal Sandstone Cobble Tumbled
Charcoal Sandstone
Blue Granite Paving 1000x1000 Wet
Black Limestone Tumbled Cobbles
Black Granite Paving
Antique Black Limestone With Tinted Mint Cobble Border
Tumbled Tinted Mint Paving With Gold Granite Cobble Border
Family Crest Carved Into Donegal Sandstone
Olde English Slate Paving With Sandstone Cobble Border
Tumbled Black Limestone Cobbles. Dry On Left And Wet On High
Grey Limestone Tumbled Cobbles (wet On Left, Dry On Right)
Blue Granite Wall Coping
Silver Granite Cobbles
Silver Granite Paving
Silver Granite Kerbs Flamed 150 X 60
Gold Granite Kerbs 150 X 60
Donegal Sandstone Step With 10mm Chamfer To Tread And Sandstone Riser
Natural Face Basalt With Limestone Chimney Coping & Limestone Wall Copings. Red Brick Soldiers Built In To Add Detail To House
80% Split Face And 20% Natural Faced Basalt Jointed With Black Sand
Natural Faced Basalt Built Across Keystone Lintels. Rock Faced Limestone Wall Copings
Old Barn Restored, Sandblasted And Repointed. Half Is Original Stone Restored, Sandblasted And Repointed And The Other Half Is Newly Built Using Sandblasted Basalt Stone To Match The Colour Consistency, Tone And Texture Of The Stone On The Original Barn. Red Brick Quoins And Soldiers On Windows And Doors
Split Basalt Stone With Reconstituted Grey Granite Window And Door Surrounds. Tinted Mint Paving With Grey Granite Kerbs And Grey Granite Cobbles. Bullnosed Granite Steps For Front Door
Donegal Slate
Donegal Slate With Rock Faced Limestone Window Cills & Apex Rock Faced Limestone Lintel
Free Standing Gothic And Flat Arches
Donegal Slate- Free Standing Arch On Front Door
Black Limestone Steps
Donegal Slate With Handpicked Yellow Stones Chosen From Quarry To Match Wooden Cladding On Building
Silver Granite Steps
Olde English Cobbles Used To Form Steps
Curved Tinted Mint Steps
Silver Granite Paving
Tinted Mint Paving
Tinted Mint Paving
70mm Black Limestone Slabs Used To Form Steps With Stone Riser
Steps Formed Using Black Limestone Treads And A Stone Riser
Grey Granite Cobbles
Tinted Mint Paving
Kandla Grey Paving With Grey Granite Cobble Border
Fireplace Built In Donegal Sandstone
Donegal Sandstone Fireplace
Mix Of Tipperary Brown, Blue & 10% Red Sandstone
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