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Ideas Yard

Coolestone has developed a vast product portfolio reflective of its commitment to excellence, offering customer’s real value, style, and creativity. Start your project today by going along to the display yard to see the real thing and choose from an extensive range of stone colour and texture variations.

You can also look through a library of finished projects for inspiration, or share your ideas for assistance in developing an original creation that fits your unique vision, purpose and lifestyle.

Coolestone can also direct you to houses and commercial buildings where Coolestone products have been used, so you can see the stone in its true setting.

Stone Tree
Stone Tree
Stone Tree Built Into Stone Wall
Basalt Table And Chairs
Stone Table And Chairs With 4 M Tinted Mint Circle
Basalt Stone Table And Seats
Stone Dice And Paving Display
Rainbow Sandstone Balls
Brown Feature Stone
Stone Light
Stone Dice
Rainbow Sandstone Seat
Green Feature Stone
Paving And Wall Display Area
Stone Wall Displays
Display Area With Stone Tree
Display Areas
Display Areas
Paving And Wall Display Area
Paving And Wall Display Area
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